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Thank you, Kristo, for your amazing service! Very professional and informative.I will definitely recommend your work to others.
See you next time!

Film Director

Antonio Campos

Kristo is an exceptional massage therapist! He has a very experienced and magic hands. He helped me get rid of the awful back pain and insane headaches...
Moreover, he is an amazing human being! Thank you Kristo from the bottom of my heart!

DJ & Music Producer

Eduardo de la Torre

Großartige Service! Sehr freundlich, professionell und eine super Auswahl am Behandlungen! Immer wieder gerne! Ist die Beste massage bisher für mich!

Laura Bruestle

Laura Bruestle

After trying several physical therapists, doctors and massage studios, only Kristo helped! The 1h deep massage was the first thing that helped with my intense back pain. Kristo is not afraid to really "dig in" to difficult areas, loosen muscles, etc. In my experience very few people offer this sort of thorough treatment. At the same time he was very tuned in to my needs. All around a very professional treatment and high quality experience. Thank you so much, Kristo!


Georgia Krapf

When you enter the space, Kristos energy is all-encompassing, in that it is comforting, welcoming, and healing. Simply being around him will brighten your day. I prefer a very deep tissue massage, which he performs perfectly. I have been living in Germany for 2 years and am not exaggerating when I say that he is the best masseuse I have had in 33 years. Their hands work in such a fluid and calming way with such strength behind them. I truly feel healed both in spirit and in body when I leave. Kristo takes such care and precision in his work and would recommend him to anyone who wants to be their better self. He is magic!

I am everywhere

Lili Renegade

Kristo has "golden" hands that know exactly where and how to touch. His were (and still are) my best massages ever. Moreover he is such a sensitive and likable person that you feel relaxed the moment you enter the studio. I can recommend Kristo from the bottom of my heart.

Pro Acrobat

Kevin Demaro

An amazing massage!!! As an acrobatic artist my body was super tight and causing pain through the back and shoulders. Kristo not only gave me an amazing massage to relieve the pain. But educated me on why i can do in future to help pain. Kristo has an amazing understanding of the body and what each individual needs. Highly recommend!!!

Rainbow House

Rachael Moore

Kristo is probably the one most professional masseurs I've ever met and had the pleasure of giving work to. He went above and beyond to ensure that not only myself but also my mother were taken care of. He gives a very high high level of care to his clients. Please do not hesitate entrusting him with any concerns you have. I definitely recommend his services!