My Journey

Kristo was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Being a huge sports fan and a gifted gymnast, he decided to pursue a degree in Sports training at the Bulgarian National Sports Academy (NSA) "Vasil Levski", where he graduated in 2000. The NSA program also included Sport massage techniques. It was in these courses that Kristo discovered he had gifted hands and the ability to "feel" people. This realization together with the interest he had developed in the human body, pushed him to pursue a career in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. In the first years after his graduation he perfected his massage techniques through various training programs. From 2004 to 2017 he lived and worked as a massage therapist in Greece, Spain and Belgium; learning new techniques and building up experience. Since 2018 he lives and works happily in Berlin.

Massage is a form of communication; it is a state where client and therapist connect not only physically, but also on an emotional level. Each therapist has his own philosophy and values in his work, and his own unique approach to it. Massaging people helps on all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. Massage isn’t just limited to fixing some muscular problem or easing physical pain; it can also help people to get in touch with their deeper emotions, to feel their true feelings or even allow them to go on a spiritual journey if they’re open to it. It is a form of communication, deep and profound, and can convey so many things. Touch can tell so much more than words since a touch really can’t lie. Either it’s gentle, nourishing and caring, or it’s not. The recipient of the touch will always be able to tell what sort of person gives the touch and their intentions.

A good massage is not just a question of techniques... Touching is an art; it requires thegift of empathy and skilled hands and needs to be crafted through experience... The Art of Touch... An art that Kristo masters as no other...

The light and love in ME acknowledge and honor the light and love in YOU.